Intercontinental CHICKEN Conference 2015


On September 25 to 27, 2015 we will meet in Goettingen for the first ever INTERCONTINENTAL CHICKEN gathering.

We expect all core team members, in addition to many users and contributors. Please check out whether you can join us, we would be glad to welcome you there!


We will meet at the Holbornsches Haus, (map).

Talks and Presentations

Nothing is planned yet, but if someone would like to use the opportunity to make a presentation or give a talk, then please consider adding some information about it here.


Here a few links to hotels that members of earlier CHICKEN meetings tried out:


There will be CHICKEN T-Shirts made. Please add your desired size here. It will feature the CHICKEN logo and you can choose any colour as long as it's black. Please note that due to logistics either pick up the shirt in person of have some attendee of the meetup deliver it to you.

The list has been closed as T-Shirts have been ordered.

The final prize is EUR 15,50 per T-Shirt

Who will be there and when?

Who arrival departure
c-keen Thursday, noon sunday afternoon
mario-goulart Thursday, afternoon/night monday morning
Kooda Thursday, midnight monday, morning
notorious zb.i.g. thursday afternoon monday morning
evhan wednesday or thursday sunday night or monday morning
alexshendi Thursday, noon sunday evening
alaricsp; andyjpb Saturday 10:00 (Will be in Hannover on Friday evening) Sunday evening
sjamaan Thursday, late afternoon monday morning
caolanm Friday, early afternoon Sunday morning


If you have questions regarding the event or travelling, contact me at felix <at> call-with-current-continuation <dot> org .

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