Longboat Chicken

Welcome to the next Chicken Event!

Where: Bergen Works Office Space, Norway
When: Thursday 26th ~ Sunday 29th, April 2018
Phone: +47 ninty two eighty four twenty six fourty two (Kristian)

Let's make it a full 4-day event this time, more time for hacking! See if you can set aside Wednesday 25th for travelling so we get most of our precious time together.


Adellica will be offering free accomodation (starting April 25th). It wont be of the highest standards, unfortunately. The rooms are completely empty, but they will be heated with bathrooms.

The Pallas appartments are right next door to Bergen Works.

Getting there

We'll do our hacking in Adellica's shared office space, Bergen Works (see link above for exact location). For those signed up for Pallas appartments, they are right next door.

From BGO airport, there are mainly two ways to get into the city centre:

Take the city rail

There is only one line, and they usually run every 15 minutes. It takes 45 minutes and costs 39kr. Buy tickets on the machines on the platform or the stupid app. Get off at the end-of-the-line: Byparken.

Take the airport shuttle

It costs 120kr and takes 20min. Get off at The Fish Market (fisketorget). Buy tickets off the driver or get them slightly cheaper online.



Please tag your name with your arrival time. (?) means unconfirmed, Pallas means signed up for free Pallas appartments.



Please add yourselves below.

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