1. Module (chicken process-context)
    1. Information about the program's invocation
      1. argc+argv
      2. argv
      3. command-line-arguments
      4. executable-pathname
      5. program-name
    2. Access to environment variables
      1. get-environment-variables
      2. get-environment-variable
      3. set-environment-variable!
      4. unset-environment-variable!
    3. Process filesystem context
      1. change-directory
      2. current-directory

Module (chicken process-context)

This module provides access to the current process context.

Information about the program's invocation


[procedure] (argc+argv)

Returns two values: an integer and a foreign-pointer object representing the argc and argv arguments passed to the current process.


[procedure] (argv)

Return a list of all supplied command-line arguments. The first item in the list is a string containing the name of the executing program. The other items are the arguments passed to the application. It depends on the host-shell whether arguments are expanded ('globbed') or not.


[parameter] (command-line-arguments)

Contains the list of arguments passed to this program, with the name of the program and any runtime options (all options starting with -:) removed.


[procedure] (executable-pathname)

Returns a full pathname of the currently-running executable, or #f if it couldn't be determined. When evaluating code in the interpreter, this will be a path to csi.


[parameter] (program-name)

The name of the currently executing program. This is equivalent to (car (argv)) for compiled programs or the filename following the -script option in interpreted scripts.

Access to environment variables


[procedure] (get-environment-variables)

Returns a association list of the environment variables and their current values (see also SRFI-98).


[procedure] (get-environment-variable STRING)

Returns the value of the environment variable STRING or #f if that variable is not defined. See also SRFI-98.


[procedure] (set-environment-variable! VARIABLE VALUE)

Sets the environment variable named VARIABLE to VALUE. Both arguments should be strings. If the variable is not defined in the environment, a new definition is created.


[procedure] (unset-environment-variable! VARIABLE)

Removes the definition of the environment variable VARIABLE from the environment of the current process. If the variable is not defined, nothing happens.

Process filesystem context


[procedure] (change-directory NAME)
[procedure] (set! (current-directory) NAME)

Changes the current working directory to NAME.


[procedure] (current-directory)

Returns the name of the current working directory.

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