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Welcome to the Chicken wiki.

This wiki was created with the purpose of providing documentation for Chicken. Chicken is an implementation of the Scheme programming language that can compile Scheme programs to C code as well as interpret them.


You can use the search form in the left to get to what you want or start browsing through the following pages:

The User's Manual
The official one
Supported platforms
Information about CHICKEN extensions (eggs)
Svn checkout
Instructions about how to checkout the contents of this wiki using Subversion
A list of users and contributors to CHICKEN Scheme
Tutorials about all things CHICKEN!
Code snippets
Various small coding examples
Tips and tricks
Some handy tips
Software people have written using CHICKEN
Documentation about the internal structure of CHICKEN
Active Projects
join a CHICKEN-based project, or start one!
Platforms & packages
Listing of all platforms where CHICKEN is available in pre-packaged form
CHICKEN-related art (logos, desktop backgrounds etc)
Win a CHICKEN T-shirt!
Periodic tasks
Automated builds, development snapshots, salmonella results, eggs upload status
Elevator pitch
A brief explanation of why CHICKEN is suitable for Real World tasks

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