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Software written in Chicken Scheme

This page has a list of applications that are based on Chicken.

Feel free to add new entries.

Active Projects

A downloader for Swedish online TV sites.
a backup/archival system based around content-addressible storage.
an IRC bot which runs on Freenode's #scheme
another IRC bot, this one runs in Chicken's official channel (#chicken on Freenode)
Alex Shinn's Mail Transfer Agent.
Modal Web Server Example
Chris Double has written a demonstration for a continuation based web framework using Chicken.
The wiki software behind this wiki (running on Spiffy the webserver).
A 3d game engine for rapid development and prototyping.
A simple cross-platform metal price monitor combining the qt-light, tcp and srfi-18 multi-threading eggs. The application is deployed as a native executable with Chicken's compiler.
An awful pasting application. That's the software running at
a web interface to chicken-doc, the software that serves up our online API documentation.
A static website compiler. This is being used by several Chicken users for their blogs and other personal sites.
An online collaboration tool for students and academics.

Projects that include bindings for Chicken

Quake2AI library
A library that allows you to use Chicken for scripting AI in Quake 2, a 3D shoot-em-up game.
An industrial strength native XML database for Windows (written in C++), which offers Scheme bindings, released by The Institute of System Programming of the Russian Academy of Science.

Inactive Projects

a Scheme source-level debugger for Chicken
A suite of OpenGL based eggs and APIs.
Functional fuzzing in Chicken scheme
Sven Hartrumpf ported the SCOP networking library by David Ingram to C and also implemented bindings to Chicken and Bigloo.
Support to the SCons build-tool
Pupeno added Chicken support to the SCons build-tool.
low bandwidth, location-aware communication
Chicken LiveCD
a LiveCD with Chicken and eggs ready to use
A source code manager by Kirill Lisovsky.
Iron Chicken
a Chicken-based bot framework for Wikipedia and other wikis that use the MediaWiki software. More generally, a project to make Chicken Scheme into a query language for MediaWiki. To put it another way, a project to harness the power of the collaborative wiki environment as a software development platform.
Chicken Playground
a chrooted environment for Chicken