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Welcome to the Chicken wiki.

This wiki was created with the purpose of providing documentation for Chicken. Chicken is an implementation of the Scheme programming language that can compile Scheme programs to C code as well as interpret them.

Check the menu at the top of this page for information about how to download CHICKEN, the User's Manual, extensions (eggs), the available API and how to report bugs and suggest improvements.

About Chicken

Elevator pitch
A brief explanation of why CHICKEN is suitable for Real World tasks
Chicken for programmers of other languages
Chicken for programmers of C, Ruby, Python and other programming languages
Platforms & packages
Listing of all platforms where CHICKEN is available in pre-packaged form
People who maintain CHICKEN
Software people have written using CHICKEN

Using Chicken

Tutorials about all things CHICKEN!
Supported standards
Information about the standards implemented by CHICKEN.
Tips and tricks & code snippets
Some handy tips and code snippets
Editing CHICKEN code
Tips for editing CHICKEN code on commonly used editors

The Chicken community

to make CHICKEN a better system
A list of users and contributors to CHICKEN Scheme
People who maintain CHICKEN
Discussion groups
Mailing lists and IRC channel about CHICKEN
The Chicken Gazette
Weekly status updates about the CHICKEN project
CHICKEN-related art (logos, desktop backgrounds etc)

Developing Chicken

Documentation about the internal structure of CHICKEN
The process of how Chicken core is developed