Outdated egg!

This is an egg for CHICKEN 4, the unsupported old release. You're almost certainly looking for the CHICKEN 5 version of this egg, if it exists.

If it does not exist, there may be equivalent functionality provided by another egg; have a look at the egg index. Otherwise, please consider porting this egg to the current version of CHICKEN.


Render eggdoc source to an svnwiki page.

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eggdoc-svnwiki produces svnwiki output for Chicken eggs from eggdoc SXML source.

Your eggdoc and you

[procedure] (eggdoc->svnwiki DOC [STYLESHEET])

Transform the SXML document DOC into svnwiki format using the optional SXSLT stylesheet STYLESHEET. If not specified, the built-in stylesheet will be used, which is also accessible with eggdoc:make-svnwiki-stylesheet.

[procedure] (eggdoc:make-svnwiki-stylesheet DOC)

Returns the default SXSLT stylesheet, which transforms eggdoc input to svnwiki output. This is a procedure because the stylesheet is built dynamically using the contents of the SXML document DOC.

You can append to or modify this stylesheet and then pass it to eggdoc->svnwiki.

[procedure] (eggdoc:svnwiki-override!)

Sets eggdoc's default transformer and stylesheet maker to the svnwiki versions, like so:

(define (eggdoc:svnwiki-override!)
  (eggdoc:default-stylesheet-maker eggdoc:make-svnwiki-stylesheet)
  (eggdoc:default-transformer eggdoc->svnwiki))

Subsequently, calls to eggdoc:transform or eggdoc->html will generate svnwiki output.

Batch conversion

Inside the egg under extras/ there is a simple script to help with conversion of one or more eggdoc sources to svnwiki format.

Converts one or more eggdoc source files to svnwiki plain text.

Just download the egg source:

$ chicken-install -r eggdoc-svnwiki
$ cd eggdoc-svnwiki

then run the conversion against the source eggdoc.scm. Your output will be placed in ./output/eggdoc.scm.svnwiki.

$ sh extras/eggdoc-html-to-svnwiki.sh ~/scheme/chicken-eggs4/mpi/trunk/mpi-eggdoc.scm
$ cat output/mpi-eggdoc.scm.svnwiki


For the direct, tedious approach to converting an existing eggdoc to svnwiki, edit the source and change the eggdoc->html call to eggdoc->svnwiki, and (use eggdoc) to (use eggdoc-svnwiki), then just run the eggdoc source script.

For a better approach, just call (eggdoc:svnwiki-override!) before parsing the document. That is exactly what eggdoc-html-to-svnwiki.sh does:

csi -script -e '(eggdoc:svnwiki-override!)' -script eggdoc.scm

For batch conversion and addition to svnwiki I did something silly like

cd output
for i in *; do perl -e '$_ = $ARGV[0]; 
  $f = $_; s/eggdoc-//; s/\.scm\.svnwiki//; 
  print "mv $f ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/$_\n"; 
  print "(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add $_)\n" ' $i;

resulting in script output which you can later direct to a shell:

mv eggdoc-args.scm.svnwiki ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/args
(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add args)
mv eggdoc-doctype.scm.svnwiki ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/doctype
(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add doctype)
mv eggdoc-eggdoc.scm.svnwiki ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/eggdoc
(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add eggdoc)
mv eggdoc-hostinfo.scm.svnwiki ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/hostinfo
(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add hostinfo)
mv eggdoc-sxml-tools.scm.svnwiki ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki/sxml-tools
(cd ~/scheme/chicken-eggs/wiki && svn add sxml-tools)

Ugly but effective.


About this egg


Jim Ursetto

Version history

depend on regex for newer Chicken
Rendering fixes; update to new eggdoc transformer override API
Initial release