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Logpro is a tool for analyzing log files to extract PASS/FAIL status.

Did you just read or grep through that 1000 line log file for the nth time looking for patterns that indicate your process completed correctly? You may benefit from logpro. Write a file containing a few simple rules; not allowed patterns, required lines, errors to ignore and so forth. Once the rules are written pass the logfile though logpro and generate an easy to navigate html file. The exit code from logpro can be relied on to accurately reflect the status of the run, one of PASS, FAIL, WARN, ABORT, or CHECK.

Currently used extensively by a growing engineering organisation to automatically assess the output from simulations, automated layout generation, netlisting and other flows as part of a Megatest (http://www.kiatoa.com/fossils/megatest) based QA.


Matt Welland



See the official docs.


GPL-2 license