Outdated egg!

This is an egg for CHICKEN 4, the unsupported old release. You're almost certainly looking for the CHICKEN 5 version of this egg, if it exists.

If it does not exist, there may be equivalent functionality provided by another egg; have a look at the egg index. Otherwise, please consider porting this egg to the current version of CHICKEN.


Generate static HTML pages from Chicken wiki manual files.

Command-line program

A command-line program called manual-labor is installed with the extension. It takes two arguments: the directory containing the man pages (such as /path/to/chicken-core/manual) and the output directory, which should be a new or empty directory.

$ manual-labor --help

usage: manual-labor [options] mandir htmldir
    --support DIR   Look in DIR for support files (CSS, JS, etc.)
        (default: "/usr/local/lib/chicken/5/manual-labor-support")

All files in mandir are converted to HTML by way of svnwiki->sxml and chicken-doc-sxml->html. Uninteresting files (backup files, dotfiles, symlinks, directories) are skipped. Output files are named like the input, adding an .html extension.

Additionally, CSS and Javascript files in the support directory are copied into the output directory, and referenced from the HTML pages. These support files are included with the installed egg; by default, this is just manual.css. By using the --support option, you can point manual-labor to a customized support directory of your choosing.

High-level API

[procedure] (generate-html-manual mandir outdir)

Process the wiki manual directory mandir and output HTML to outdir, which will be created if it does not exist. Also copies any support files from (manual-labor-support-dir).

[parameter] (manual-labor-support-dir DIR)

Directory for manual-labor support files. Any .css and .js files in this directory are copied into the output directory and linked into the generated pages. (Order of inclusion is not currently guaranteed.)

Defaults to (make-pathname (repository-path) "manual-labor-support").

Low-level API

Not currently exported.

Bugs and limitations

About this egg


Jim Ursetto


Copyright (c) 2010 Jim Ursetto. 3-clause BSD license.