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  2. punycode
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RFC 3492 Punycode implementation for CHICKEN Scheme. Encodes internationalized domain names in the ASCII subset supported by DNS. Useful if you want to display unicode domains in your user interface or accept unicode domains as input.


[procedure] (punycode-encode str)

Converts a unicode string to Punycode ASCII.

[procedure] (punycode-decode str)

Converts a Punycode ASCII string to unicode.

[procedure] (domain->ascii str)

Converts a internationalized domain name to an ASCII representation (if the domain is already ASCII-only it is returned unmodified).

[procedure] (domain->unicode str)

Converts a Punycode ASCII domain name to a unicode string (if the domain is already unicode it is returned unmodified).


(use punycode)

(punycode-encode "Bücher")
;; => "Bcher-kva"

(punycode-decode "Bcher-kva")
;; => "Bücher"

(domain->ascii "www.bücher.de")
;; => "www.xn--bcher-kva.de"

(domain->unicode "www.xn--bcher-kva.de")
;; => "www.bücher.de"

Source code / Issues