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  2. scron
    1. Introduction
    2. Author
    3. Usage
    4. License
    5. Version history
      1. Version 0.2
      2. Version 0.1


scron is a very simplified cron-like program which executes Scheme jobs.


O.S. Systems, maintained by Mario Domenech Goulart


 $ scron -h
 Usage: scron <basedir>

<basedir> is the directory where the time-interval tree of "scrontab" files can be found (files whose extension is scm). The time-interval directory indicates the interval between two consecutive scron runs in seconds. So, for example, if the time-interval directory is 5, scron will run the scrontab files in that directory in 5 seconds intervals.


 $ ls -l scron/
 total 0
 drwxr-xr-x 2 mario mario 48 Fev 13 09:11 5
 $ ls -l scron/5/
 total 4
 -rw-r--r-- 1 mario mario 189 Fev 13 09:16 hello.scm
 $ cat scron/5/hello.scm 
 (use posix)
 (with-output-to-file (make-absolute-pathname "tmp" "hello.log")
   (lambda ()
     (print "Hello!  It's "
            (time->string (seconds->local-time (current-seconds)))))
 $ scron scron &

That'd generate a /tmp/hello.log file with a "Hello! It's <time>" line for each 5 seconds interval.



Version history

Version 0.2

Version 0.1