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Send Grid

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  2. Send Grid
    1. Description
    2. Repository
    3. Author
    4. Requirements
    5. List of Parameters
      1. api-user
      2. api-key
      3. api-version
    6. List of Procedures
      1. send-mail
    7. Example
    8. Version History
      1. Version 3.0.0
      2. Version 2.0.1
      3. Version 2
      4. Version 1


Provides a very simply api for sending email via SendGrid. The api uses SendGrid's web api. Currently only the sending of mail is supported, but other parts of the web api could be easily added.




Thomas Hintz

Contact me at t@thintz.com.


List of Parameters


[parameter] (api-user user)

This is your SendGrid api user specified as a string.


[parameter] (api-key key)

This is your SendGrid api key specified as a string.


[parameter] (api-version version)

A string indicating the SendGrid API version to use. The default is "2". Version "3" is also supported. After December 9th, 2020, this library may set the default to "3" when support for version 2 is officially ended.

As far as this library's interface, the input and output are the same for both API versions.

List of Procedures


[procedure] (send-mail #!key (subject #f) (text #f) (html #f) (from #f) (from-name #f) (to #f) (reply-to #f) (api-user (api-user)) (api-key (api-key)) files)

Takes all the required arguments, passes a request on to SendGrid, and returns the SendGrid response in list form. api-user and api-key are optional if you specified them as parameters.

Only html or text needs to be specified. If html is specified, then the resulting email will be in HTML format. If both html and text are specified, then the resulting email will only include the contents of html.

files is optional and is a list of alists containing file attachments. The alist for each file must contain the key filename -- a string, filepath -- a string, and content-type -- a symbol. Example of files:

(((filepath . "/foo.txt") (filename . "foo.txt") (content-type . text/plain)))


(use send-grid)

(api-user "api-user")
(api-key "api-key")

(send-mail from: "example.from@example.org" to: "example.to@example.org" from-name: "Example Name" reply-to: "example-from@example.org" subject: "Example Subject" text: "Example text.")

Version History

Version 3.0.0

Adding backwards compatible support for SendGrid API version 3.

Version 2.0.1

Add support for file attachments. (Thanks to Sven Hartrumpf)

Version 2

Fix some install bugs.

Version 1

Initial release.