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This is an egg for CHICKEN 4, the unsupported old release. You're almost certainly looking for the CHICKEN 5 version of this egg, if it exists.

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A fast and simple MD5 implementation with minimal dependencies.

If you need more than simple file or string hashing, use the md5 egg instead.


Colin Plumb, wrapped for Chicken by Peter Bex


[procedure] (string->md5sum str)

Generates the MD5 hash for the given string str.

[procedure] (file-md5sum filename)

Generates the MD5 hash for the file named by filename (uses mmap on POSIX platforms).


This code implements the MD5 message-digest algorithm.
The algorithm is due to Ron Rivest.  This code was
written by Colin Plumb in 1993, no copyright is claimed.
This code is in the public domain; do with it what you wish.
Equivalent code is available from RSA Data Security, Inc.
This code has been tested against that, and is equivalent,
except that you don't need to include two pages of legalese
with every copy.



Version History

Initial release