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A native Chicken Scheme implementation for UUID generation. Primary development maintained on Github.

Canonical Github Repo: http://github.com/dsosby/chicken-uuid


David Sosby


Just Chicken


[procedure] (uuid-v4 #!optional [randfn random])

Generates a purely random UUID conforming to RFC 4122 4.4. Uniqueness is dependent on a good random function. The default uses (extras random) but can be overridden with any function conforming to the (extras random) signature.

Returns a string.


(use uuid)

;; Generate a UUID based on (extras random)
(define decent-uuid (uuid-v4))

;; Generate a UUID based on other random number generator
(define (worse-random n) 1)
(define worse-uuid (uuid-v4 worse-random))

;; Get a list of UUIDs
(use srfi-1)
(define uuids (list-tabulate 5 (lambda (_) (uuid-v4))))



Version History

Version Comments
0.1 Initial release with random UUID generation