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  2. xtypes
    1. Description
    2. Datatypes
    3. Authors
    4. Requirements
      1. Chicken eggs
      2. C headers
    5. API
      1. XRectangle
      2. XGlyphInfo
      3. XRenderColor
    6. Examples
    7. License
    8. Version History



Xtypes provides scheme bindings for common datatypes used in xlib programming. This egg is meant to be used mainly in conjunction with the xlib egg, as a convenience, because it exposes these various datatypes as high level scheme objects rather than opaque c-pointers. Objects created by the make-* constructors here all have finalizers for automatic garbage collecting.

This library has been developed on an as-needed basis, rather than a methodical one. There are possibly many more datatypes that would be the proper domain of this library to handle, and those can be added as they are reported to me, or as need arises in my own work with xlib.




Chicken eggs

C headers



[procedure] (make-xrectangle x y width height)
[procedure] (xrectangle-x rect)
[procedure] (xrectangle-y rect)
[procedure] (xrectangle-width rect)
[procedure] (xrectangle-height rect)
[procedure] (xrectangle-x-set! rect x)
[procedure] (xrectangle-y-set! rect y)
[procedure] (xrectangle-width-set! rect width)
[procedure] (xrectangle-height-set! rect height)

Some of these procedures have the same names as procedures in the xlib egg, so if you are using xtypes and xlib together, you should change your xlib import form to look like this:

 (except xlib make-xrectangle
              xrectangle-x xrectangle-y
              xrectangle-width xrectangle-height)


[procedure] (make-xglyphinfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-x xginfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-y xginfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-width xginfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-height xginfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-xoff xginfo)
[procedure] (xglyphinfo-yoff xginfo)


The channel values of an xrendercolor are all normalized to a decimal number between 0.0 and 1.0.

[procedure] (make-xrendercolor r g b [a])
[procedure] (xrendercolor-red color)
[procedure] (xrendercolor-green color)
[procedure] (xrendercolor-blue color)
[procedure] (xrendercolor-alpha color)





Version History