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37813 svnwiki Sun Aug 4 06:22:00 2019 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Update Chicken information on Debian
37592 svnwiki Fri May 10 11:54:00 2019 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: The FreeBSD port for chicken5 is lang/chicken5; lang/chicken tracks 4.x.
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36786 sjamaan Thu Nov 8 14:18:00 2018 Fix link to Homebrew (they have an actual web site now)
34930 sjamaan Mon Dec 11 14:34:00 2017 platforms: Remove listings of obsolete/EOLed versions of Ubuntu and Debian. Change Fedora description to mention official packages
34236 svnwiki Sun Jul 23 15:59:00 2017 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Updated infos about the packages I've built.
33868 sjamaan Sun Feb 19 20:50:00 2017 Update Arch CHICKEN version to 4.11.0 (as indicated by TheLemonMan)
33867 sjamaan Sun Feb 19 20:29:00 2017 Update supported Debian CHICKEN versions
33724 svnwiki Tue Oct 18 13:16:00 2016 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []:
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33636 vktec Sat Sep 10 19:09:00 2016 Add chicken-git AUR package and update egg AUR information to give a better link
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32625 mario Wed Jul 29 01:47:00 2015 platforms (wiki): fix link to the obscure "platforms-used" page (why do we have this?)
32576 mario Fri Jul 10 23:48:00 2015 platforms (wiki): update CHICKEN versions available on Debian
32515 svnwiki Tue Jun 23 19:15:00 2015 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: mingw-w64 has moved to mingw-w64.org
32259 ckeen Sat Feb 7 20:27:00 2015 add warning for cygwin to platforms, I need to verify this
32256 ckeen Sat Feb 7 20:19:00 2015 link platform survey to platforms page
32248 svnwiki Sat Feb 7 19:12:00 2015 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Mention cygwin packages
31448 svnwiki Thu Sep 18 12:21:00 2014 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: Changed address of OpenSUSE repository.
31246 svnwiki Wed Aug 20 22:55:00 2014 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: On 2014-08-20 I had some troubles installing the bind egg on windows, with the error being spit out that there was an unknown symbol _mingw_glob in the function _mingw_setup, which is located in a pre-compiled file crt2.o (usually in C:\mingw\mingw32\lib\crt2.o). After consulting over IRC (#chicken on freenode), sjamaan recommended using the mingw-w64 project, which has been more actively maintained in the past year (I can only find traces of activity on mingw.org from 2013, and nothing newer). After removing mingw32, installing mingw-w64 and adding it to my $PATH variable, calling chicken-install bind worked without fail. Strangely enough, the mingw-w64 project actually uses an older version of gcc (4.7.2 vs. mingw32 using 4.8.1) and some of the GNU coreutils, which could be a reason why mingw32 does not work where mingw-w64 does. However, given that the error was an undefined reference to _mingw_glob, I would suspect this is not an error in newer versions of the GNU coreutils, but rather deliberate changes to the mingw32 API that the developers made (during some update). In any case, I'm going to investigate more into the issue to see if using mingw-w64 breaks any other eggs. I don't think it should, but hey, computers often do things we don't expect. If you want to get in contact with me about this issue, please query DeeEff (sometimes DeeEff_ if Freenode is having a spasm) or email me at jeremy at thatgeoguy.ca.
31245 svnwiki Wed Aug 20 22:53:00 2014 Anonymous wiki edit for IP []: