If you want to report issues or suggest improvements to CHICKEN, there are a couple of possibilities (see below). Please choose the one that is more convenient for you.

When reporting bugs, please check the "How to report issues" section below on what information to provide.

Via the CHICKEN bug tracker

Just create a ticket in the CHICKEN bug tracker.

Don't worry about filling up all the fields (except the one with for the summary and description of the issue/suggestion, of course).

If you don't have an account and want to create one, see the the accounts page. If you don't want to create a bug tracker account, please refer to the other support options.

Via e-mail

Send a description of the issue/suggestion you want to report to the chicken-users mailing list.

If you are not subscribed to the mailing list (and don't want to subscribe), no problem. Your e-mail will end up in a moderation queue. No need to resend your e-mail -- it will be eventually aproved by the moderators. Please add a note in your message indicating that you are not subscribed to the mailing list, so that we know that we must explicitly add your address to the list of recipients of the message when replying.


Use the #chicken channel on Libera.Chat to report issues/suggestions.

How to report issues

When reporting issues, please make sure to, whenever possible, the following information:

Any other additional information you think can be relevant to the description of the problem is welcome, naturally.