Chicken SRFI Support

5 5 4 4 3 3 SRFI Status Description
core egg core egg core egg      
Y   Y   Y   0 Final Feature-based conditional expansion construct
  Y Y   Y   1 Final List Library
Y   Y   Y   2 Final AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special form
            3 Withdrawn List-Set Library
Y Y Y   Y   4 Final Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
  Y         5 Final A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
Y   Y   Y   6 Final Basic String Ports (also see Unit ports for a generalisation)
            7 Final Feature-based program configuration language
Y   Y   Y   8 Final receive: Binding to multiple values
Y   Y   Y   9 Final Defining Record Types
Y   Y   Y   10 Final Sharp-Comma External Form
Y   Y   Y   11 Final Syntax for receiving multiple values
Y Y Y   Y   12 Withdrawn Exception Handling
  Y Y   Y   13 Final String Libraries
  Y Y   Y   14 Final Character-Set Library
Y   Y   Y   15 Withdrawn Syntax for dynamic scoping
Y   Y   Y   16 Final Syntax for procedures of variable arity
Y   Y   Y   17 Final Generalized set! (also see heading 4.1.6 in "Extensions to the standard")
  Y Y   Y   18 Final Multithreading support
  Y   Y   Y 19 Final Time Data Types and Procedures
            20 Withdrawn Simple object system
            21 Final Real-time multithreading support
            22 Final Running Scheme Scripts on Unix
Y   Y   Y   23 Final Error reporting mechanism
            24 Withdrawn Define-syntax in local lexical scopes
  Y   Y   Y 25 Final Multi-dimensional Array Primitives
Y   Y   Y   26 Final Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying
  Y   Y   Y 27 Final Sources of Random Bits
Y   Y   Y   28 Final Basic Format Strings
  Y   Y   Y 29 Final Localization
Y   Y   Y   30 Final Nested Multi-line Comments
Y   Y   Y   31 Final A special form for recursive evaluation
            32 Withdrawn Sort Libraries
            33 Withdrawn Integer Bitwise-operation Library
  Y   Y   Y 34 Final Exception Handling for Programs
  Y         35 Final Conditions
            36 Final I/O Conditions
  Y   Y   Y 37 Final args-fold: a program argument processor
  Y   Y   Y 38 Final External Representation for Data With Shared Structure
Y   Y   Y   39 Final Parameter objects (also see the parameterize macro)
      Y   Y 40 Withdrawn A Library of Streams
  Y   Y   Y 41 Final Streams
  Y   Y   Y 42 Final Eager Comprehensions
  Y   Y     43 Final Vector library
            44 Final Collections
  Y   Y   Y 45 Final Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms
Y   Y   Y   46 Final Basic Syntax-rules Extensions (chicken 4.6.5 and newer)
  Y       Y 47 Final Array
  Y         48 Final Intermediate Format Strings
            49 Final Indentation-sensitive syntax
            50 Withdrawn Mixing Scheme and C
  Y         51 Final Handling rest list
            52 Withdrawn Permitting and Supporting Extended Character Sets
            53 Withdrawn Syntactic computations with computation-rules
            54 Final Formatting
Y   Y   Y   55 Final require-extension
            56 Withdrawn Binary I/O
            57 Final Records
            58 Final Array Notation
            59 Final Vicinity
  Y   Y   Y 60 Final Integers as Bits
Y   Y   Y   61 Final A more general cond clause (see heading 2.2.1)
Y   Y   Y   62 Final S-expression comments
  Y   Y     63 Final Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays
  Y         64 Final A Scheme API for test suites
            65 Withdrawn define-immutable: A Syntax to Define Identifiers With Immutable Values
  Y       Y 66 Final Octet Vectors
  Y       Y 67 Final Compare Procedures
            68 Withdrawn Comprehensive I/O
  Y Y   Y   69 Final Basic hash tables
            70 Final Numbers
  Y   Y     71 Final Extended LET-syntax for multiple values
            72 Final Hygienic macros
            73 Withdrawn Exact Infinities
  Y         74 Final Octet-Addressed Binary Blocks
            75 Withdrawn R6RS Unicode data
            76 Withdrawn R6RS Records
            77 Withdrawn Preliminary Proposal for R6RS Arithmetic
  Y   Y     78 Final Lightweight testing
            79 Withdrawn Primitive I/O
            80 Withdrawn Stream I/O
            81 Withdrawn Port I/O
            82 Withdrawn Stream Ports
            83 Withdrawn R6RS Library Syntax
            84 Withdrawn Universal Identifiers
          Y 85 Withdrawn Recursive Equivalence Predicates
            86 Final MU and NU simulating VALUES & CALL-WITH-VALUES
Y           87 Final => in case clauses
Y   Y   Y   88 Final Keyword objects
          Y 89 Final Optional positional and named parameters
  Y Y   Y   90 Final Extensible hash table constructor
            91 Withdrawn Extended ports
            92 Withdrawn ALAMBDA and ALAMBDA*
            93 Withdrawn R6RS Syntax-Case Macros
  Y         94 Final Type-Restricted Numerical Functions
  Y   Y   Y 95 Final Sorting and Merging
            96 Final SLIB Prerequisites
            97 Final SRFI Libraries
1,2   1,2       98 Final An interface to access environment variables
  Y   Y     99 Final ERR5RS Records
            100 Final define-lambda-object
      Y     101 Final Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists
      Y     102 Withdrawn Procedure Arity Inspection
            103 Withdrawn Library Files
            104 Withdrawn Library Files Utilities
  Y         105 Final Curly-infix-expressions
            106 Final Basic socket interface
            107 Final XML reader syntax
            108 Final Named quasi-literal constructors
            109 Final Extended string quasi-literals
            110 Final Sweet-expressions (t-expressions)
  Y   Y     111 Final Boxes
            112 Final Environment Inquiry
  Y   Y     113 Final Sets and bags
            114 Withdrawn Comparators
            115 Final Scheme Regular Expressions
  Y   Y     116 Final Immutable List Library
  Y   Y     117 Final Queues based on lists
            118 Final Simple adjustable-size strings
            119 Final wisp: simpler indentation-sensitive scheme
            120 Final Timer APIs
  Y   Y     121 Withdrawn Generators
            122 Final Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays
  Y   Y     123 Final Generic accessor and modifier operators
            124 Final Ephemerons
            125 Final Intermediate hash tables
            126 Final R6RS-based hashtables
  Y   Y     127 Final Lazy Sequences
  Y   Y     128 Final Comparators (reduced)
            129 Final Titlecase procedures
  Y         130 Final Cursor-based string library
            131 Final ERR5RS Record Syntax (reduced)
  Y         132 Final Sort Libraries
  Y   Y     133 Final Vector Library (R7RS-compatible)
  Y         134 Final Immutable Deques
  Y         135 Final Immutable Texts
            136 Final Extensible record types
  Y         137 Final Minimal Unique Types
            138 Final Compiling Scheme programs to executables
            139 Final Syntax parameters
            140 Final Immutable Strings
  Y         141 Final Integer division
            142 Withdrawn Bitwise Operations
  Y         143 Final Fixnums
  Y         144 Final Flonums
  Y         145 Final Assumptions
  Y         146 Final Mappings
            147 Final Custom macro transformers
            148 Final Eager syntax-rules
            149 Final Basic Syntax-rules Template Extensions
            150 Final Hygienic ERR5RS Record Syntax (reduced)
  Y         151 Final Bitwise Operations
  Y         152 Final String Library (reduced)
            153 Withdrawn Ordered Sets
            154 Final First-class dynamic extents
            155 Final Promises
            156 Final Syntactic combiners for binary predicates
            157 Final Continuation marks
  Y         158 Final Generators and Accumulators
            159 Withdrawn Combinator Formatting
  Y         160 Final Homogeneous numeric vector libraries
            161 Final Unifiable Boxes
            162 Final Comparators sublibrary
            163 Final Enhanced array literals
            164 Final Enhanced multi-dimensional Arrays
            165 Final The Environment Monad
            166 Final Monadic Formatting
            167 Final Ordered Key Value Store
            168 Final Generic Tuple Store Database
            169 Final Underscores in numbers
            170 Final POSIX API
  Y         171 Final Transducers
            172 Final Two Safer Subsets of R7RS
  Y         173 Final Hooks
            174 Final POSIX Timespecs
            175 Final ASCII character library
            176 Final Version flag
            177 Withdrawn Portable keyword arguments
  Y         178 Final Bitvector library
  Y         179 Final Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays (Updated)
            180 Final JSON
            181 Final Custom ports (including transcoded ports)
            182 Withdrawn ADBMAL
            183 Withdrawn Another format procedure
            184 Withdrawn define-record-lambda
            185 Final Linear adjustable-length strings
            186 Withdrawn Transcoders and transcoded ports
            187 Withdrawn ALAMBDA and ADEFINE
            188 Final Splicing binding constructs for syntactic keywords
  Y         189 Final Maybe and Either: optional container types
            190 Final Coroutine Generators
            191 Withdrawn Procedure Arity Inspection
            192 Final Port Positioning
  Y         193 Final Command line
            194 Final Random data generators
            195 Final Multiple-value boxes
  Y         196 Final Range Objects
  Y         197 Final Pipeline Operators
            198 Withdrawn Foreign Interface Status
            199 Withdrawn POSIX errno manipulation
            200 Draft Pattern Matching
            201 Draft Syntactic Extensions to the Core Scheme Bindings
            202 Draft Pattern-matching Variant of the and-let* Form that Supports Multiple Values
  Y         203 Final A Simple Picture Language in the Style of SICP
            204 Draft Wright-Cartwright-Shinn Pattern Matcher
            205 Draft POSIX Terminal Fundamentals
            206 Draft Auxiliary Syntax Keywords
  Y         207 Final String-notated bytevectors
            208 Draft NaN procedures
            209 Draft Enumerations and Enum Sets
            210 Draft Procedures and Syntax for Multiple Values
            211 Draft Scheme Macro Libraries
            212 Draft Aliases
            213 Draft Identifier Properties
            214 Draft Flexvectors
            215 Draft Central Log Exchange
  Y         216 Draft SICP Prerequisites (Portable)
  Y         217 Final Integer Sets