Contribute to CHICKEN

There are several ways you can contribute to CHICKEN. Here are some suggestions:

Create eggs

If you are a developer and have a library you think that may be useful for other CHICKEN developers, you may consider adding it to the CHICKEN repository of eggs.

For information on how to create eggs, see the Eggs tutorial page.

The recommended practice for hosting egg code is using a remote VCS server. See the Releasing your egg document for information on how to host egg code and manage releases.

Please drop us a line where to find your egg and we will add it to the list.

The documentation for eggs is kept in the CHICKEN Subversion repository. In case you add an egg to the official CHICKEN egg index, we encourage you to create a Subversion account and write good documentation for your egg(s). To request an account, see the wiki page on how to do that.

Report bugs

See the support page on how to submit bug reports.

Help organizing the wiki

The CHICKEN wiki has accumulated a lot of cruft over the years. It contains a significant amount of broken links, outdated material and content which is specific to some particular CHICKEN major version which is not even mentioned (because probably at the time the text was written it was natural to assume that the version in question was the current one back then). Help at improving the wiki situation is very much appreciated.

Although the wiki accepts anonymous contributions, if you intend to contribute to it please request a personal account (see the How to request accounts). The reason for that is that, as the wiki accepts anonymous contributions, it is sometimes subject of vandalism. Whenever we see an edit by the anonymous user we have to check for spam.

Areas currently needing help

As the core team is still small we appreciate help in any of these areas: