Eggs Unlimited (release branch 5)

Last updated: Wed Dec 12 23:15:02 2018

A library of extensions for the CHICKEN Scheme system.


Just enter

  chicken-install EXTENSIONNAME

This will download anything needed to compile and install the library. If your extension repository is placed at a location for which you don't have write permissions, then run chicken-install with the -sudo option or run it as root (not recommended).

You can obtain the repository location by running

  csi -p "(repository-path)"

If you only want to download the extension source code, pass the -retrieve option to chicken-install:

  chicken-install -retrieve EXTENSIONNAME

For more information, enter

  chicken-install -help

List of available eggs


Language extensions

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
begin-syntax Convenience macro for inline syntax expansion BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
bindings Pattern matching with destructuring bindings BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.2
char-set-literals A reader extension providing Gauche style literals for SRFI-14 char-sets BSD Moritz Heidkamp The CHICKEN Team 0.4
clojurian Syntax and utility functions inspired by Clojure BSD Moritz Heidkamp 3
datatype A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL) BSD felix winkelmann 1.6
fast-generic fast-generic functions BSD felix winkelmann 0.6
feature-test Foreign feature testing BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.0
foreigners Foreign helper macros BSD Jim Ursetto 1.5
holes partial expressions as procedures with named parameters BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0
interfaces Simple interface/implementation abstraction public domain felix winkelmann 0.4.1
introspect Module introspection BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.2
make The PLT 'make' macro LGPL-2.0+ PLT, adapted to CHICKEN by Felix Winkelmann 1.9
matchable Hygienic MATCH replacement Public Domain Alex Shinn 1.0
miscmacros Various helper macros BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
module-declarations Module declarations BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.2
r7rs R7RS compatibility BSD The Chicken Team 1.0.1
record-variants Optimized record access BSD Jim Ursetto 1.0
sandbox A safe evaluation environment BSD felix winkelmann 1.9
simple-exceptions Some user-friendly exception routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.1
srfi-71 SRFI-71: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values SRFI Sebastian Egner The CHICKEN Team 1.0
type-extensions Miscellaneous type system extensions BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
typeclass Type classes MIT Andre van Tonder Ivan Raikov 1.5
with-current-directory Convenience procedure for temporarily changing directories BSD Evan Hanson 1.0.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
canvas-draw Bindings to the CD graphics library BSD Thomas Chust 1.1.2
color The SLIB color library BSD Aubrey Jaffer Erik Falor 1.1
exif Binding to libexif, reading EXIF meta data from digital camera images. BSD Christian Kellermann Christian Kellermann 1.0
sdl-base Basic SDL support LGPL-2.1 Tony Garnock-Jones megane 0.9.2
stb-image read png/jpg/tga/bmp/psd/gif/hdr/pic/pnm images into pixels public domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.5
stb-image-resize resize raw u8/u16/u32/f32-vector images public-domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.3
stb-image-write write png/jpg/tga/bmp images public-domain Kristian Lein-Mathisen 0.3

Debugging tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
debugger-protocol Low-level interface to debugger-protocol BSD Felix Winkelmann The CHICKEN Team 0.3
nrepl Simple networked REPL over TCP BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 5.0.6


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
address-info Network address information access BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.3
http-client High-level HTTP client library BSD Peter Bex 1.0
minissh An SSH-2 server and client implementation BSD Kristian Lein-Mathisen 1.0.0
mpi Message-passing Interface (MPI) GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.3
nanomsg unknown MIT Adellica AS
openssl Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library BSD Thomas Chust 2.0.1
sendfile Sending a file over the network BSD David Krentzlin 1.8.3
socket Interface to the BSD socket API BSD Jim Ursetto 0.3.1
tcp6 Interface to TCP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.0
udp6 Interface to UDP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
ansi-escape-sequences Procedures to generate ANSI escape sequences BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.5
breadline Bindings to readline GPL-3 Vasilij Schneidermann 0.1
directory-utils directory-utils BSD kon lovett 2.0.2
fmt Combinator Formatting BSD Alex Shinn
format Common-Lisp style formatted output Public Domain Dirk Lutzebeck felix winkelmann, kon lovett 3.2.1
ioctl ioctl system call interface BSD Alex Shinn 0.3
linenoise A minimal, zero-config, BSD licensed, readline replacement. BSD Salvatore Sanfilippo Christian Kellermann 1.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
estraier-client A pure Scheme Hyper Estraier client library BSD Peter Bex 1.0
lmdb Bindings to LMDB OpenLDAP Thomas Chust 1.0.0
postgresql Bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api BSD Johannes Groedem Peter Bex 4.0.0
sql-de-lite SQLite 3 interface BSD Jim Ursetto 0.8.0
sql-null A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values Public Domain Ivan Shmakov 2.0
sqlite3 Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API BSD Thomas Chust 3.7.2
sqlite3pth Run SQLite queries asynchronously in pthreads. Supports calling Scheme from SQLite's VFS to supply database block storage. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.4

OS interface

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
fuse Filesystems in Userspace BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.1
pledge Bindings for OpenBSD's pledge(2) BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
posix-groups Access POSIX group information BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.2.1
scsh-process A reimplementation for CHICKEN of SCSH's process notation. BSD Peter Bex 1.5.1
sysexits Exit status codes for system programs Public Domain Evan Hanson 1.0.0
system-information Obtaining system and host information BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.1

Interfacing to other languages

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
bind Automatically generate bindings from C/C++ declarations public domain felix winkelmann 1.2.3

Web programing

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
awful awful provides an application and an extension to ease the development of web-based applications. BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.0
awful-path-matchers Path matchers for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.0.2
awful-postgresql Postgresql support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.0
awful-sql-de-lite sql-de-lite support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.1
awful-sqlite3 Sqlite3 support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7.0
awful-ssl SSL support for awful BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3
awful-static-pages Tool to generate static pages out of awful applications BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.1.6
colorize Colorize programming code as HTML MIT Brian Mastenbrook, converted to Scheme by Peter Bex Peter Bex 0.4.5
fancypants Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML BSD Peter Bex 0.5
html-parser A permissive, scalable HTML parser. BSD Alex Shinn 0.2
http-session Facilities for managing HTTP sessions BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 2.10
hyde A static website compiler BSD Moritz Heidkamp 2
intarweb A more convenient HTTP library BSD Peter Bex 2.0
pastiche A small awful app implementing a pastebin service bsd Christian Kellermann 1.2
qwiki qwiki - the quick wiki BSD Peter Bex 2.2
scss unknown BSD Moritz Heidkamp 4
spiffy A small but powerful web server BSD Felix Winkelmann Peter Bex 6.1
spiffy-cookies Procedures for managing cookies BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.2
spiffy-directory-listing Flexible directory listing for Spiffy BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3
spiffy-request-vars Easy access to variables from HTTP requests BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.19
spiffy-sexpr-log Symbolic expression log format for Spiffy BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.3.2
uri-common Parser for common URI schemes BSD Peter Bex 2.0
uri-generic URI generic syntax (RFC 3986) parsing and manipulation. BSD Ivan Raikov, Peter Bex, Seth Alves 3.2

XML processing

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
atom Atom 1.0 feed reader and writer BSD Jim Ursetto 0.1.3
doctype Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes Public Domain Jim Ursetto 2.2
ssax Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov, ported to CHICKEN by Kirill Lisovsky, packaged as an extension by felix 5.1.0
sxml-serializer Serialize SXML to XML and HTML BSD Dmitry Lizorkin 0.5
sxml-transforms The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov 1.4.3
sxpath The sxpath bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov, Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin 1.0

Documentation tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
chicken-doc Explore Chicken documentation locally BSD Jim Ursetto 0.5.0
chicken-doc-html Generate HTML from (svn)wiki SXML BSD Jim Ursetto 0.3.1
manual-labor Generate static HTML manual from wiki docs BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2
schematic Tools for Scheme development BSD Evan Hanson 0.3.1
svnwiki-sxml Parse svnwiki to sxml BSD Jim Ursetto 0.2.12

Egg tools

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
henrietta-cache Fetch and cache extensions from various sources for Henrietta to consume BSD Peter Bex 1.3
pseudo-meta-egg-info Provide automatically generated release-info and a pseudo-"meta"-file for eggs in svn Public Domain Peter Bex 1.1

Mathematical libraries

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
blas An interface to level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS routines BSD felix Ivan Raikov 4.4
elliptic-curves Arithmetic and Cryptography on Elliptic Curve Groups over Finite Fields BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.3
geo-utils Geographic Utilities BSD kon lovett 1.0.0
mathh ISO C math functions and constants Public Domain kon lovett and john cowan 4.2.0
modular-arithmetic Modular Arithmetic on Finite Fields BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.3
statistics Statistics library GPL-3 Peter Lane Ivan Raikov 0.10
unitconv Conversion of units of measurement LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 3.1

Object-oriented programming

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
coops An featureful object system BSD Dorai Sitaram and felix winkelmann 1.0
coops-utils coops utilities BSD kon lovett 2.1.0
yasos A very simple OOP system BSD Kenneth Dickey 1.9

Algorithms and data-structures

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
accents-substitute Substitute accented characters in strings BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.7
amb The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator BSD thomas chust kon lovett 3.0.0
binary-search Binary search algorithm BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.1
blob-utils Blob Utilities BSD kon lovett 2.0.0
bloom-filter Bloom Filter BSD kon lovett 2.2.1
box Boxing BSD kon lovett 3.1.0
byte-blob Byte array utility procedures for blobs. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
callable-data-structures "Callable" data structures BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.0.2
cis Compact integer sets. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.3
defstruct A more convenient form of define-record BSD Dorai Sitaram 2.0
digraph Directed graph in adjacency list format. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.0
dyn-vector Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 2.1
iset Integer sets BSD Alex Shinn 2.0
lazy-seq Clojure-like lazy sequences BSD Moritz Heidkamp 2
list-utils list-utils BSD kon lovett 2.0.1
llrb-syntax Expands LLRB code customized to data structures. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2
llrb-tree LLRB tree general and customized to key types. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.7
object-evict Evict data to unmanaged memory BSD The CHICKEN Team 0.1
protobuf Protocol buffer serialization BSD Thomas Chust 1.2.0
queues A queue data structure Public Domain Andrew Wilcox, ported to CHICKEN by felix 0.1
rb-tree A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 6.1
records Procedural record-type interface Public Domain David Carlton, Aubrey Jaffer 1.4
rope Heavyweight alternative to strings BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
salt Hybrid dynamical systems modeling. GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 0.27
sequences Generic sequence operators BSD felix winkelmann 0.5
simple-cells Implementation of typed cells to replace general set! operators BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.1.1
slice A slicer procedure for lists, strings and vectors BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 1.3
srfi-1 SRFI-1 list library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.5
srfi-116 SRFI-116: Immutable Lists. BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.5
srfi-117 SRFI-117: Mutable Queues BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward 1.4
srfi-128 SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced) BSD John Cowan Jeremy Steward, Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.10
srfi-13 SRFI-13 string library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.2
srfi-133 SRFI-133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible) BSD John Cowan, Taylor Campbell, Will Clinger Jeremy Steward 1.6
srfi-14 SRFI-14 character-sets library BSD Olin Shivers The CHICKEN Team 0.2
srfi-25 Multidimensional arrays SRFI Jussi Piitulainen Ivan Raikov 1.3
srfi-42 SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions) SRFI Sebastian Egner Ivan Raikov 1.75
srfi-69 SRFI-69 hash-table library BSD The CHICKEN Team The CHICKEN Team 0.3
srfi-99 SRFI-99 record types BSD Thomas Chust 1.4.5
stack Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations BSD kon lovett 3.0.1
string-utils String Utilities BSD kon lovett 2.1.0
symbol-utils symbol-utils BSD kon lovett 2.0.0
trie A trie (prefix tree) implementation BSD Moritz Heidkamp 2
unsafe Unsafe operations BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
vector-lib Port of the SRFI-43 reference implementation BSD Taylor Campbell The CHICKEN Team 2.1
z3 A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library BSD Oskar Schirmer and felix winkelmann 2.0

Data formats and parsing

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
abnf Parser combinators for Augmented BNF grammars (RFC 4234). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 8.1
base64 Encoding and decoding of base64 strings BSD James Bailey, Jim Ursetto 1.0
cjson JSON parsing done in C. Sometimes a good idea. BSD Adellica 5.0.3
comparse Schemely parser combinators BSD Moritz Heidkamp 3
csv-abnf Parsing and formatting of comma-separated values (CSV). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 6.0
ersatz A template engine inspired by Jinja2 and Jingoo. LGPL-3 Ivan Raikov 1.27
input-parse input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines. Public Domain Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner. 1.2
internet-message Parser combinators for Internet Message Format (RFC 5322). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 7.1
json A JSON library MIT Tony Garnock-Jones 1.6
json-abnf Parser combinators for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 7.0
lalr An efficient LALR(1) parser generator LGPL-3 Dominique Boucher Ivan Raikov 2.5.1
ldif-sexpr Convert (parse&write) LDIF, rfc4514 and LDAP filters (rfc2254) into S-expressions. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.1
lexgen Lexer combinators GPL-3 Ivan Raikov 8.0
lowdown A pure Chicken Markdown parser BSD Moritz Heidkamp 1
magic libmagic bindings BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
medea A JSON parser (and emitter) built with comparse BSD Moritz Heidkamp 4
packrat A packrat parsing library MIT Tony Garnock-Jones felix winkelmann 1.5
rfc3339 RFC3339 datetime parser BSD Jim Ursetto 0.1.3
silex An efficient and powerful lexer generator BSD Danny Dubé 1.0
utf8 Unicode support BSD Alex Shinn 3.5.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
beaker Lab supplies for CHICKEN development BSD Evan Hanson 0.0.4
chicken-belt A utility belt for managing your CHICKEN coop BSD Christian Kellermann, Moritz Heidkamp, Evan Hanson 0.1.0
egg-tarballs Creates tarballs for eggs in henrietta cache BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.9.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
server-test Utilities to help testing servers BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.6
simple-tests Some simple testing routines BSD Juergen Lorenz 1.0
test Yet Another Testing Utility BSD Alex Shinn 1.1


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
isaac Bindings to the ISAAC CSPRNG BSD Evan Hanson 1.0.0
md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums Public Domain Colin Plumb, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex kon lovett 4.0.2
message-digest Message Digest (omnibus) BSD kon lovett 4.0.1
message-digest-primitive Message Digest Primitive BSD kon lovett 4.2.0
message-digest-type Message Digest Type BSD kon lovett 4.1.0
message-digest-utils Message Digest Support BSD kon lovett 4.1.2
ripemd RIPE Message Digest BSD kon lovett 2.0.2
sha1 Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums Public Domain Steve Reid, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex kon lovett 4.1.1
sha2 Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums BSD Aaron D. Gifford and Daishi Kato kon lovett 4.0.4
simple-md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums Public Domain Colin Plumb, packaged for Chicken by Peter Bex Peter Bex 0.1.1
simple-sha1 A fast and simple SHA1 implementation with minimal dependencies Public Domain Steve Reid and felix winkelmann felix winkelmann 1.1
siphash The SipHash family of hash functions BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
tiger-hash Tiger/192 Message Digest BSD kon lovett 4.0.2
tweetnacl TweetNaCl cryptographic library BSD Thomas Chust 1.4.1

User interface toolkits

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
iup Bindings to the IUP GUI library BSD Thomas Chust 1.9.1
webview Multi-platform HTML user interface shell BSD Thomas Chust 1.0.0


Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
apropos Chicken apropos BSD kon lovett 3.2.1
args Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37 BSD Jim Ursetto 1.6.0
big-chicken Wrapper module for all core modules BSD felix winkelmann 1.0
check-errors Argument checks & errors BSD kon lovett 3.1.1
compile-file Programmatic compiler invocation BSD The CHICKEN Team 1.2
condition-utils SRFI 12 Condition Utilities BSD kon lovett 2.1.0
error-utils Error Utilities BSD kon lovett 2.0.0
expand-full Full macro expansion BSD kon lovett 2.0.2
git libgit2 bindings BSD Evan Hanson 0.1.0
jsmin Implementation of Douglas Crockford's JavaScript minifier in CHICKEN Scheme BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 2.2
latch Evaluate expressions once public domain felix winkelmann The CHICKEN Team 0.3
live-define Hack that replaces “define” with a version that mutates existing procedures. Public Domain Adrien (Kooda) Ramos 1.1
memory-mapped-files Memory-mapped file access for UNIX and Windows BSD The CHICKEN Team, Windows support by "rivo" 0.4
optimism Command line option handling Public Domain Evan Hanson 0.1.0
regex Compatibility library for old regular expression API BSD felix winkelmann The CHICKEN team 2.0
shell Convenient shell-command invocation public domain Felix Winkelmann 0.4
srfi-34 SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs SRFI Richard Kelsey, Michael Sperber Ben Clark, Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.7
srfi-37 A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility SRFI Anthony Carrico 1.4
svn-client A wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client C library. Public Domain Alejandro Forero Cuervo Peter Bex 1.1
this Python's "this" module ported to CHICKEN BSD Mario Domenech Goulart 0.1
typed-records Typed variants of various record-definition macros BSD felix winkelmann megane 0.8

Concurrency and parallelism

Name Description License Author Maintainer Version
forcible Thread- and exception aware, lazy-looking synchronization with timeouts - extending srfi-45 BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.3.9
gochan golang channels in CHICKEN BSD Adellica AS 5.2.8
hopefully Simple software transactional memory. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.6
mailbox Thread-safe queues with timeout BSD felix winkelman and kon lovett 3.3.1
pigeon-hole A mailbox constrained by capacity. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2.6
pthreads Maintain and talk to a pthread pool. BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.2
simple-timer Simple, cancel-able, efficient timer API BSD Jörg F. Wittenberger 0.1.1
srfi-18 SRFI-18 thread library BSD The CHICKEN Team The CHICKEN Team 0.1
synch Synchronization Forms BSD kon lovett 3.1.0

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