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(In alphabetical order)

Peter Bex
Maintainer of spiffy, the webserver and owner of the #chicken IRC channel on
Toby Butzon
Owner of the domain and provider of the documentation service at
Core hacker. Owner of the chickenscheme.[org|net] and chicken-scheme.[com|org|net] domains.
Mario Domenech Goulart
Admin of "galinha", the machine behind, release manager, tester, infrastructure supervisor and chicken envangelist.
Alejandro Forero Cuervo
Author and maintainer of svnwiki.
Ivan Raikov
Release manager, Freshmeat-entry maintainer, unofficial Debian package maintainer.
Felix Winkelmann
Orginal implementor, core hacker.

Past maintainers

Arto Bendiken
Administrator of the previous Chicken Trac system at
Ashley Bone
Maintainer of the Visual C build.
Kon Lovett
Core hacker.